Visiting Brazil

Brazil, by far the largest country in South America, draws millions of tourists every year thanks to its natural beauty, famous events, and intriguing culture. The city of Rio de Janeiro acts as the gateway for most people coming in from the UK and other countries. It is the second largest city in Brazil with over 14 million residents. Portuguese is the official language here but plenty of locals speak English which makes it convenient for visitors to go around. Tours are offered for convenient travel that stops at all of the must-see places. 

Breathtaking Landscape

Rio is located at the southern part of the country facing the Atlantic Ocean. Its harbour is famed for distinctive geographic features that are truly sights to behold. There's the relatively small Sugar Loaf Mountain that juts out 395 meters above the waters at the entrance to Guanabara Bay. There is also the famous Corcovado Peak with the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer at an elevation of over 700 meters. The hills of Tijuca inside the national park are visible as well rising to 1,021 meters above sea level. These provide a glimpse of the incredible natural beauty of the land with much more to be discovered in amazon tours in brazil.

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Gorgeous Beaches

Rio's long coastline has vastly influenced the culture of the city. Going to the beach is one of the favourite pastimes of locals. Tourists will be pleased to find that the beaches here are clean and lined with powdery white sand. The infrastructures are well-developed but the shoreline remains as beautiful as ever. There is a laidback atmosphere with a liberal culture. People can visit the most well-known places like Ipanema and Copacabana to satisfy their curiosity, and then explore other spots like Abrico, Vermelha, and more. Some of the Oceanside beaches get strong waves that are ideal for surfing.  

The Grand Carnival

The annual extravaganza known as the Carnival is the most anticipated event in all of Brazil. This nearly two-week long party features parades by the different samba schools in Rio. The entire city transforms during this event with lively colours lining the streets and every resident getting into the spirit of the celebrations. Those who wish to see this spectacle should plan well in advance as its extreme popularity makes it difficult to book tickets and accommodations at the last minute. Even if there are spots available, they tend to be very expensive. Booking early with a tour company is advised for convenience.

A Dynamic City

Rio is where the country's most influential musical genres originated. The pioneers of bossa nova, samba and choro all honed their craft here. Their legacy is strongly felt all around the city with places dedicated to these types of music. Capoeira is another distinctly Brazilian activity that combines dance with martial arts. Tourists can avail of beginner classes at Casa Rosa Cultural for a fun and memorable time. It's truly a dynamic city with a lot of unique experiences to offer.